Ezam Product

Pants hangers

Bringing Fun
to Simplicity

Neat & Tidy arrangement

Organizing your pants have never been easy, for they took up a lot of space. There has never been a pants hanger like this before.

  • Free up more space

  • Easy and Convenient

360 degree Pants Hanger

The pants hanger, which can be rotated 360 degrees and rolled up, is a new concept pants hanger that minimizes deformation of the pants and reduces storage space.

Space Utilization

This is a new-concept hanger that finds hidden space by rotating long clothes such as pants, skirts, and towels by 360 degrees. You can either roll it up and store it short to utilize the space underneath, or store 3 pairs of pants on one hanger at the same time to store more pants thinly.

Mock-up Test

We create precious little pleasures of everyday life through our relentless effort in R&D, with products that are easy to use and fun for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

Travel hanger

The main body of the pant hanger and the hanger are separated making it easy for storage, traveling or moving.

Side Hanger

How To Use

  • 01. Hang the pants on the 3-tier hanger
    with in the main body of the hanger.

  • 02. Rotate the 3-tier hanger with the pants
    hanging, while holding the main body
    of the hanger.

  • 03. Rotate as much as you want until
    you reach your desired length.

  • 04. Finish organizing your pants Quick-N-Easy.



Width x Height x Thickness 40cm × 26.5cm × 0.5cm 15.7inch × 10.4inch × 0.2inch


Black / White